To provide a political alternative for Canadians who are tired of the political rhetoric and maneuvering of mainstream parties or the status quo in mainstream politics.

To provide an alternative for Canadians who are neither “right” nor “left” but True North—true to Canadian independence, true to the pioneering spirit that founded this country, true to the values of family and communities, true to putting in hard work and taking personal responsibility, true to promoting life and prosperity, true to the values that individual and grassroots citizens should come before big business, international agreements, or the financial elite.

To provide a party that puts Canada and Canadians first at all times. We will not be bought or sold, within this country or on the world stage.

To provide leadership that is true and honest. We will call a spade a spade. Furthermore, we will protect the freedom of speech—to speak truth, share ideas, debate opposing views, and engage in meaningful and constructive conversation without censorship, including that of political correctness. 

To serve the people from a place of servant leadership, honouring the fact that we are elected by the people. As servants of Canada, we will uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

To provide a party that is committed to its values and focus on the citizens and prosperity of this land. We will be true to our duty like a compass needle to the North Pole, always keeping Canada “True North, Strong & Free!”

True North Shield
I Am True North